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¿Qué es TileCoin?

TileCoin  / Tilepay is a crypto-token which enables access to a Decentralized Bill Payments/Investment Application (ĐApp).

TileCoin`s mission is to revolutionize the Internet of Things by easily enabling monetization between people, sensors, and data utilizing micropayment channels via block chain technology.

The online web marketplace for MAKERS (IoT Owners) and BUYERS (people, corporations, manufacturers, etc.) conduct all transactions with bitcoin and/or multiple currencies. Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency used around the globe as a means of eliminating the need for currency conversions and allowing for many very small transactions (also referred to as “micropayments”).

Currently, there is a trend towards decentralized payments using bitcoin, that can help reduce costs associated to transferring a store of value, acquiring assets and increasing monetization of physical assets from Internet of Things (IoT) devices and/or sensors.

TileCoin / Tilepay  is a free decentralized application that is downloaded to your personal computer, laptop or mobile phone.

Each IoT device and/or associated sensor is an asset that is created by our decentralized application. Every device has a unique token that can accept payment for data via a marketplace.

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