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La criptomoneda Tokenomy, también conocida como TEN, tiene una cotización de 0,03€ a día de hoy y una capitalización de mercado de 5.943.168€, lo que supone un 0,00% sobre el total. Tokenomy cuenta con un total de 200.000.000 monedas en circulación.

En las últimas 24 horas, el precio de Tokenomy ha variado -0,0010€, lo que supone un -3,12% de su valoración.

¿Qué es Tokenomy?

Tokenomy aims to foster financial inclusion and provide access to anyone who wants to be connected with alternative funding networks and global innovation. The Tokenomy founders are the leading members of Bitcoin Indonesia, one of the largest bitcoin and blockchain startup in South East Asia with over 1,000,000 registered users.

Tokenomy’s goal is to become a one-stop platform providing both tokenization and liquidity. The platform will offer a global token market access on one hand, and the ability for anyone, from small entrepreneurs to large enterprise businesses, to issue proprietary tokens and plug themselves into crypto liquidity pool for reliable and easy crowdfunding on the other. The token issuers on Tokenomy can hold token sales for their proprietary tokens on the platform as well as listing the tokens on Tokenomy's exchange for trading. Furthermore, by having a shared login with Bitcoin.co.id, which has over 1,000,000 users, Tokenomy instantly has access to a huge user pool.

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Precio en BTC 0.00000341 BTC
Acciones en circulación 200.000.000 TEN
Acciones máximas 200.000.000 TEN
Capitalización 5.943.168
Volumen 24h 0 TEN
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