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La criptomoneda OneLedger, también conocida como OLT, tiene una cotización de 0,0045€ a día de hoy y una capitalización de mercado de 4.520.389€, lo que supone un 0,00% sobre el total. OneLedger cuenta con un total de monedas en circulación.

En las últimas 24 horas, el precio de OneLedger ha variado -0,0006€, lo que supone un -11,76% de su valoración.

¿Qué es OneLedger?

OneLedger is a universal blockchain protocol that enables cross-chain interaction between applications and businesses. OneLedger enables entrepeuners to focus on building their business application through OneLedger modularization tools, which will communicate with OneLedger protocol using its API gateway. This mechanism will allow businesses applications to interact with different public and private blockchains synchronously through corresponding side chains implemented in OneLedger platform. 

OLT is an Ethereum-based token that serves as a medium of exchange on the OneLedger platform. Users, including businesses, need to pay a network fee to nodes to use any services on the OneLedger platform. They can either acquire OLT tokens from other token holders, or they can run a node themselves to start acquiring tokens to reuse for business use cases. 

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