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¿Qué es Nas2Coin?

NAS2 is a new cryptocurrency, issued in February 2016, is based on the old NasCoin. There was an issue during maintenance with NasCoin and all the coins were lost. The new NAS2Coin will have a reduced max coins from 10 billion to 200 million. Old NasCoin wallet balances will be replaced, in proportion of 50 to 1, by the a new Nas2Coin. The full conversion is expected to be completed by April 1, 2016 and after that the balances that have failed to be redeemed will be used as development and maintenance funds for Nas2Coin. A proportion of the un-redeemed coins will also be used by the Foundation in a marketing effort to promote  the new Nas2Coin.

(We translated this from Chinese with google translate and tried to make sense of it)

Tecnología Nas2Coin

Based on Nubits, no breakthrough technology

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