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¿Qué es MapCoin?

The coin is designed for shop/bar/store owners who want to give incentive for people coming to their locations ie pay coins for checking in.

Later on there will be built in exchange where people will be able to exchange MAPC directly to BTC within the wallet/app.

Características MapCoin

They will be using Foursquare API and later on Google Maps API to let you checkin at choosen spots.

You will be able to get there MAPCoins for checkin option in the Swarm/Fouraquare APP or change them into BTC.

Their coin/app will allow people to get free MAPcoins for checkins at choosen spots - making the cryptocurrency popular this way.

On the start they will be an addon app to Swarm/Foursquare yet later we will want to join Google Maps.

Tecnología MapCoin

Total supply: ~3,000,000 (3MM) [ 2228921.184 ]

Premine: 100% Premine

Devs Premine: 1% (30000)

Algorithm: x11 (POS)

PoS: 2% a year

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