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La criptomoneda BlockLancer, también conocida como LNC, tiene una cotización de 0,0026€ a día de hoy y una capitalización de mercado de 394.218€, lo que supone un 0,00% sobre el total. BlockLancer cuenta con un total de 152.177.344 monedas en circulación.

En las últimas 24 horas, el precio de BlockLancer ha variado 0,00000000€, lo que supone un 0,00% de su valoración.

¿Qué es BlockLancer?

Blocklancer is a Distributed Autonomous Job Marketplace (DAJ) operating on the Ethereum Blockchain. Blocklancer is our collaborative vision of an entirely self-regulatory platform for finding clients/projects and ensuring jobs are completed efficiently and fairly. Blocklancer is changing the way freelancing works for both the freelancer and the customer, concentrating on building a trustworthy platform all stakeholders can rely on. Blocklancer does this by minimalizing fees and introducing a decentralized tribunal system to guarantee every dispute case is settled fairly and that no one loses out — we can finally wave goodbye to fraud in freelancing.

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