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La criptomoneda iDice, también conocida como ICE, tiene una cotización de 0,0017€ a día de hoy y una capitalización de mercado de 3.455€, lo que supone un 0,00% sobre el total. iDice cuenta con un total de 2.071.013 monedas en circulación.

En las últimas 24 horas, el precio de iDice ha variado 0,00000000€, lo que supone un 0,00% de su valoración.

¿Qué es iDice?

iDice is a dice gambling Dapp powered by the Ethereum network. iDice allows players to, place bets in units of Ether. Bet on the house by holding iDice tokens. 100% of all profit iDice earns is distributed amongst token holders, proportional to the number of tokens they hold. iDice token holders enjoy the advantage of the house edge always being in their favor. Token holders should always return a profit according to the law of large numbers. The house edge will be set competitively and token holders have an expected value that is always equivalent to the house edge. iDice has a fully transparent source code available at etherscan.io. iDice does not require deposits nor sign ups. The payout of games is always immediate. It is the first blockchain dice game to incorporate mobile applications.

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