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GeoCoin GeoCoin

2.26 Euro/GEO
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GeoCoins are simple, geocaching-themed, virtual “coins.” They are designed to be easy to create, easy to collect and easy to share with your friends! At their most simple, GeoCoins will allow you to send and receive virtual GeoCoins encoded with short personal messages.
On the technical side of things, cryptographic proof-of-work provides a  real-time peer to peer network of transaction verification, a “public ledger” of synchronized numbers, and unique possibilities for math-based puzzles.

Cuota de Mercado 0.00%
Apertura (24h) 2.29
Mínimo (24h) 1.84
Máximo (24h) 2.67
Acciones en circulación 3,432,927 GEO
Acciones máximas 1,000,000,000 GEO
Capitalización 7,769,275
Volumen 24h 817 GEO
Volumen 24h (en moneda seleccionada) 371
Última actualización 2018-02-24 10:00:02
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