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¿Qué es CryptoCircuits?

CryptoCircuits is dedicated to building a community across the crypto landscape, connecting crypto people and coin communities through their advanced Circuits trading wallet environment.

CryptoCircuits wallet provides a welcoming meeting place for everyone who has crypto as part of their daily lives. Social features of the Circuits wallet include chatrooms, tipping, and encrypted private video chatting. A special chill out lounge panel includes crypto video channels, and the Crypto After Dark 24 /7 in-wallet radio stream, featuring guests and guest hosts from across the crypto landscape. 

The social features of Circuits are complemented by a sophisticated crypto toolbox that includes in-wallet charting, trading hubs, live crypto news feeds, and trading bot functionality for advanced users.

On the tech side CryptoCircuits represents a major leap forward in crypto technology. 
Circuits features the most advanced DPOS 2 iteration engineered so far in crypto, and has allowed us to build a number of advanced staking functions and features into the Circuits wallet.

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